Spring story : The importance of DETOX


Detox means taking a few steps back in several aspects of your life.

By adding  conscious moments of self-care you can strengthen your body, mind and soul


Being aware of your day to day routines. Trying to find balance in the things that you have to do and things you WANT to do. Stress can influence not only your mental health but also your body functions.


Nutrition is key when it comes to a detox period.

Try to eat pure foods that nourish your body.  Avoid foods that are processed, they contain lots of additives that bring you out of balance.

Drinking water and herbal blends are a good way to eliminate those toxins out of your body. We have developed our Total Beauty therapeutic herbal blend Eliminate Toxins to help you! Shop here


Being active is a boost to your metabolism. You stimulate your bloodflow, your muscles contract, you produce endorfines…

It has so many benefits for keeping your body clean and fit. If you have health problems or don’t have much time to do sports: Consistency is key. It is better to do 10 minutes a day than 2 hours / once a week  or every two weeks.

Yoga can be a  big improvement for your physical health. It improves your flexibilty and helps your body to relax. 


Invest in some offline moments.  Focusing on you and your direct surroudings will give you peace of mind. We often times compare ourselves to dreamy social media  images that will make us feel like a failure. You are what you eat, that also counts for what images you feed yourself.   

Meditation will connect your body and soul. It makes you more resilient throughout the day.

Journal your thoughts while you detox, it can help you clear blockages and evaluate your goals in life. 

We hope you feel motivated to give these tips a try. 

We care for you <3