Highlight story : Argan oil

Argan oil, also known as liquid gold went viral the past couple of years.

It has been used for centuries in other parts of the world, but now it seems like everybody wants to use it!

We have added this magnificent oil in our kits because we believe it does wonders for many skintypes. Especially it's anti-aging qualities are beneficial for everyone!

Because transparancy is one of our main rules we wanted to go and visit our supplier in Tamanar (Morocco) and meet the people behind our superbe ingredient.

If you have been to Morocco, you will probably know there are a lot of quality differences. It's important that you have a pure oil, coldpressed and not roasted to enjoy skin improvement!

When you buy a biological brand, it's even better because the company has to follow strict rules in order to get there certification.

Argan oil is extracted from Argania Spinosa. You could find the trees all over Northern Africa but now it's an endangered species and we only work with conscious. That's one of the reasons that Argan oil has become so rare.

How do they get the Argan oil? 
The fruit of this tree contains nuts and they are filled with Argan oil.

First they airdry the fruits to have better acces to the nuts.

Afterworths they peel it by hand (!) because they have'nt found a mechanical way to do it. This takes a lot of time. We met a couple of Berber women who where al sitting together singing while working. That really moved me. And the skills they had, just amazing. The nuts have to be checked for quality and then they coldpress the argan nuts for cosmetic use. The oil has to reste for about two weeks to be fully ready.


Goats love to eat argan fruits! They have learned to climb the trees, stand on a branch (sometimes with like two or three goats on one branch) so they can eat loads.

It's tradition in Morocco to collect the remains after the goat has eaten Argan fruit.

They end up with the kernels wich they need to extract the oil. It's saves them a lot of time.

Why we all should be using Argan oil:

  • High concentration of vitamin E ( tocopherolen)
  • This a very important ingrediënt of Argan oil that protects the skin because it works as an anti-oxydant. It strenghtens the skin and works anti-aging
  • Your skin can really absorbe the oil very well, ultimate moisturizer
  • Because of it's good fatty acids it protects the skin

We care for you!